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Nogales, MX (just across the border from Nogales, AZ) is a relatively safe and laid-back, friendly border town, just about an hour drive from Tucson, AZ – and about 2 ˝ hours from Phoenix. Being a border town, it provides all of the things the visitor might expect to find: strip clubs, a brothel or two, pharmacies galore, under-age (under 21 y/o) drinking establishments, and the usual tourist destinations. For Mexican border towns of interest to the adult traveler, it must rank within the top 3-4 spots, along with Tijuana, Ciudad Juarez and Nuevo Laredo. Nogales is not Tijuana (nothing in Mexico quite compares to TJ…) But if you're in the neighborhood, Nogales is definitely worth a visit. 

Girls - Nogales has a generous supply of very beautiful women. I have seen Tijuana’s finest, and I can tell you that as far as pretty girls are concerned, TJ has nothing on Nogales. On a good night in the right club, you may be hard pressed to find many gals less than an “8” – with 9’s and even 10’s in the house. You can expect to find between 10-30+ girls, depending on the club and day of the week, etc. 

Clubs – 

Nogales currently has (as of March, 2002) no less than 8 strip clubs, each with “extras” readily available – as well as other clubs where working gals can be found. There is even one full-fledged “brothel” (La Conga), and there are rumored to be others scattered around. 

Nogales is not like Tijuana or Nuevo Laredo inasmuch as it is not really a good town for “traditional” brothels (e.g. Adelita’s in Tijuana). There is at least one regular brothel in town, but Nogales codes have it that such establishments must be a certain distance from the border (Nogales is interested in maintaining a more tourist-friendly image). As such, they are visited less frequently by adult travelers. Therefore, the brothels have a hard time competing with the multitude of clubs close to the border – and consequently, the better looking gals work the clubs close to the border. The typical brothel experience can be had, however (bedroom @ ˝ hour or so for about $50) – but the quality of the talent lags far behind that of the clubs closer to the border. The strip clubs, however, do attempt (and succeed wildly) to skirt the law by making FS possible in small rooms with chairs instead of beds (the logic being that you can’t have sex w/o a bed…) 

That being said, Nogales is still a great destination for the adult traveler. Seven of the eight (currently) strip clubs are within three blocks or so of the border. Therefore you can park your car on the US side – and you’re a very safe 4-5 block walk away from seven strip clubs. 

The Nogales strip clubs all operate in more or less the same manner. The cover charge is either inexpensive (usually $3 – and may include your 1st drink) or free. As of March, 2002, a beer will cost you $3 at most places. (Ficha drinks are ridiculously high, however – maybe $8-12 – but there is usually not any good reason to buy one in Nogales…) 

Lapdance Heaven… Lapdances will run you $7-10 – and are usually worth every penny… Nogales has got to be about the best bargain for lapdance fans in North America. Lapdances here usually last the duration of 1-1.5 songs, and just about anything goes. Almost all the girls will let your hands roam freely – many will even encourage you to touch her “down there”. I usually don’t initiate such contact, but many girls will do it for you – even the ones who don’t will probably just gently brush you hand aside. Put more simply, I’ve never seen anyone reprimanded for being too hands-on in a Nogales strip club. 

The dancers are happy to provide you with the lapdance of a lifetime, but truth be told, their goal is usually to entice you into the “VIP room” (or a ‘private dance’ which they will usually call a “privado”) where they can make more money. The girls will often get very friendly with you to get you horned-up enough to spring for the “privado” – you can expect most girls to hit you up for one after your lapdance – so be prepared to say “no” after every one until you're ready. If you decline the privado, the gals are always very nice about it, however, and are more than happy to keep you in lapdances for as long as you want - and the quality of the lapdance will generally not go down just because you're not going into the VIP room.

All of the 8 current strip clubs have a “VIP room” (which is usually pretty modest – just a room with enough space for a chair or two – no beds). A trip to the “VIP room” will usually cost you about $20. This price only rents you the room for about 5-7 minutes. Any extras are negotiated directly with the dancer (no 3rd parties), who keeps 100% of the money. Almost all dancers will provide “extras” – from BJs to FS (Full Service) to ???. Some girls will quote you very high prices for extras, but almost any girl will gladly accept $40-60 for FS  – usually less for BJ. If they won’t, just move on… At a minimum, the trip to the VIP room includes a private dance for 5-7 minutes. If you don’t want any extras, you might just want to enjoy the privacy of the VIP room – and most gals will give you a little extra (or a lot) “TLC” in the VIP room, anyway. As always, YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary). 

A note on VIP times – many clubs offer 2x1 VIP dances on Tuesdays, and some may offer them at other times – or you may be able to negotiate such with the ticket-seller directly. You may also have luck tipping the door-guy a little bit for some extra time. Another note: if you want another VIP session right after your time is up, you can buy another VIP ticket, but the girl will usually not ask for any extra money - if it’s just to finish what you started (usually…) 

Some clubs do, however, have a bedroom available (either in the club or at a nearby hotel), but the price may be quite steep. I’ve yet to hear of anyone taking the clubs up on this offer, but it is an option. Ask the waiters. 

Waitresses! – Another nice thing about Nogales is that many of the waitresses in the clubs are available, too. Usually, they cannot give you a lapdance, but they are usually free to go to the VIP room with you – some do, some don’t. Many do, so it never hurts to ask. When you see some of these waitresses, you might be glad you read this… (On a personal note, one of my all time Nogales fav’s was a waitress). It can be a great option – they might ask for less money, they’re usually “lower mileage”, may be in less of a hurry, etc, etc. It’s good to have options… 

Regarding club hours – most clubs may open earlier, but the girls generally show up around 9:00 PM. Closing time is usually around 3:00 PM, maybe a bit earlier or later depending on business. Some clubs open in the afternoon – as of March, 2002, Cherry’s and Rio open early – 1:00-2:00 PM or so. Cherry’s closes around 9PM, but Rio’s is open late (3 AM). In general, the clubs are open every day but Monday. 

Street Girls - Nogales does have a few SGs (Street Girls), but not as many as places like TJ and NL. I believe this is also due to Nogales trying to keep a more tourist-friendly image. They can be found, however – usually on or near Ave. Obregon on the West side of town. Some nights I’ve seen a couple, many nights I haven’t seen any. If you find one, they will usually have their own hotel very close by. I have no idea what they usually charge – probably more than the $20 in TJ, but who knows… 

Action Outside the Clubs - Action in Nogales needn’t be limited to the inside the clubs. Many girls will accompany you to your hotel room for a private date. You can ask the ticket-sellers who might be available for such, or you can ask the girls directly. If the girls turn you down, they will usually be nice about it and just politely decline, no harm done. Your chances for scoring a “hotel date” go up as your face becomes more familiar to them - and the other dancers and waiters. It’s not unusual for a girl to turn you down the first time, then accept the next time or somewhere down the road. If you become familiar to the waiters, they can be very useful in this regard, as well. The girl will want to be able to trust you, and having the waiter on your side only helps. 

The going rate for “hotel dates” (as of March, 2002) seems to be about $100/hr. At your hotel (or theirs), there is no “knock”, but girls may or may not honor a commitment for “one hour”. The only way to find out is either a personal recommendation or simply trial-and-error. If you want to hotel date a club girl when she’s working at the club, you may have to pay a bar fine, which is up to the club, and will usually reflect how busy or slow it is, what time it is, and how many girls are there. I.E., on a busy night or in a club with few girls working, the bar fine may be very steep or not available. It will also be higher earlier in the evening. Close to closing time, however, you may get a much better deal. Some clubs may not offer a bar fine at all, however. You can also arrange to meet a girl after hours, but this will mean 3:00 AM-plus on a weekend – and it can take over an hour for the girl to show – if she shows at all. However, you can get the girl’s phone number and arrange for a hotel date when she’s not working. 

Regarding TLN (Toda La Noche – all night) – the same goes for TLN as hotel dates. The price will usually be higher – maybe $2-300 or more. It all depends on the aforementioned factors and especially your prior experience with the girl. A TLN may mean 9PM-next morning, or 3:30 AM-morning. She may want to sleep after you get off, or she may want to screw all night – YMMV, especially in this regard.

Barkers - Like any good border town, Nogales has its share of hustlers and/or barkers who are anxious to take you to a club, help you buy medications, find you a girl, etc. For the most part, they are completely unnecessary – with 7/8 clubs being w/in three blocks of the border, and pharmacies everywhere. However, if you’re going to a club, you might let the barker tag along and be seen escorting you to the club – he will get a small kick-back from the club, so you don’t need to tip him yourself. 

Some barkers/hustlers will offer to find you girls. I have never taken any of them up on the offer. They might be useful in finding a non-club girl or maybe an SG for a “hotel date” outside the clubs, or finding girls after the clubs have closed, etc. I would just strongly recommend getting good advice on whom you should deal with if you choose to go this route. 

Safety - Regarding safety, Nogales is definitely safer in general than Tijuana. Fortunately, most of the major clubs are within 3-4 blocks of each other and in the tourist area, and the walk between them is fairly safe. You should always be alert and careful in Mexican border towns, but if you stick to the main tourist area near the border, you should feel pretty safe. I have never felt to be in danger when in Nogales. 

You are also very unlikely to be scammed by the waiters in Nogales – it’s happened, but very rarely. It’s never happened to me. Furthermore, you are also unlikely to be shaken-down by the police in Nogales. I’ve never heard of such a case, but I’m sure it happens now and then. If it happens, it is rare – that's never happened to me, either.

The Border - Another nice thing about Nogales is the ease of crossing the border, both ways. Since almost all the clubs are within 3-4 blocks of the border, there is really no reason to drive across (and therefore, drive back in – if you do drive, expect a lengthy wait to return). You might find a wait at the pedestrian crossing coming back in, but it’s never taken more than 5-10 minutes – more often, little or no wait at all. 

Parking - (on the US side), there are several pay lots with varying levels of security – usually about $5 to park all night. My car has thus far always been there the next morning, knock on wood… 

Hotels – Hotels are plentiful and a relative bargain on the MX side of Nogales. I’d say the average price for a decent hotel (many surprisingly nice and clean) to be about $30. Most of them don’t have a problem bringing girls to your room, and don’t charge extra for such. I would recommend inquiring in advance, however. Check-out time is usually no earlier than Noon, and you can usually expect to pay a refundable $5 deposit for the key. 

Many first-time visitors will opt for a hotel on the US side, but I find this completely unnecessary. I’ve always felt perfectly safe on the MX side. You save money and have a place to bring that special someone… who probably can’t (or wouldn’t) cross over to the US side with you anyway. 

Food – food in Nogales is great and cheap. You can grab tacos, fajitas, hot dogs, etc. from one of many “taco stands” which are all over the clubs/tourist area – many are open very late. Restaurants range from modest (nice, sit-down atmosphere – dinner will run you $4-5) - to very nice. Even the more upscale places are a bargain (very nice atmosphere, tuxedo-clad waiters, dinner and a wine menu - may set you back $10-12 max.)

Weather – the weather is generally nice year round in Nogales, but at approx. 4000 feet elevation, it can get chilly in the winter. Dress accordingly and ask if the hotels have heat. It also gets hot in the summer – make sure you’re hotel has working A/C in the summer. 

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