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What does ClubHombre have to offer for the Nogales traveler?

ClubHombre has information on Nogales Sex, Escorts, Brothels, Call Girls, Streetwalkers, Courtesans, Massage Parlors, and Strip Clubs.

Nogales, Sonora is located about 60 miles south of Tucson. It offers residents of Tucson, Phoenix, and all of central and southern Arizona a cheap, quick, safe, and fun adventure for the adult traveler.

Most of us may have heard about services being available in Mexico. Maybe we even went to Tijuana many years agoand partied on Revolution. Perhaps we have read in the papers how college students from the UofA, ASU, and NAU all spend their spring break in Rocky Point (Puerto Peñasco) and drink. Some of us may have even read brief stories about Nogales in such places as the World Sex Guide or some of the adult and escort newsgroups.

Indeed, there was some good information available at all those places. Unfortunately, most of the information available there is horribly outdated and now inaccurate. Should you happen to be traveling to Nogales, Sonora, can be a tremendous resource for the adventurous adult escort traveler and has some tremendous information on the Nogales sex scene overall.

Clubs currently being discussed on include Boleiro, Fiesta's Palace VIP, Ferni's, Obsessions, Portros Bar, Placer's, Salon Regis, Studio 69 Gentlemen's Club (formerly Lipstick), and Tecolote. There is also at least two massage parlors where extra service may be available. They are Eros and Lust. And then finally, there is a straight brothel that has been open in Nogales for years. It is called La Conga and is covered on Unfortunately, clubs like Rio, Cherry's, Cherry's Upstairs, Lord Black, and Titantic have now closed.

As mentioned before, the scene in Nogales has changed dramatically over the past few years. A good time can still be had there, but the wild and craziness of the late 90's and early 00's has mostly disappeared. If one happens to visit Nogales, they can still probably get a nasty table dance (much more so than they could in the US) with full interaction and touching. Around 4-5 years ago, the city of Nogales passed a law outlawing the use of curtains or doors on the private rooms. This affected the strip clubs there severely and a round of price increases was instituted. Reports of the curtains or doors has been inconsistent since them. However, private rooms with full beds and showers are sometimes available as are the ladies for private arrangements at nearby hotels. ClubHombre features information about some short time hotels as well as nicer hotels to spend the night with a lady.

Nogales is definitely not as cheap as it use to be. It is actually quite an interesting phenomenon there. As the bars have continued to suffer and see fewer and fewer visitors, the owners there have continued to raise prices. This has caused many customers to either stay away completely or only visit occasionally. Nevertheless, for someone based in Phoenix, Tucson, or in or around Southern Arizona, Nogales may be of interest to you. If you make a decision that you will be traveling to Nogales, has information that may assist you. Such information would include:

  • Going prices for services such as blowjobs and full service
  • How not get ripped off and common tricks and scams that are customary there
  • The location and directions to certain clubs, bars, and strip clubs
  • How to stay safe during your time in Mexico
  • Reviews on certain ladies and the quality of service they provide
  • Much, much, more
ClubHombre has messages and discussions about adult intercourse and women in Nogales, Sonora. But make no mistake. These are not "good ladies." They are ladies of the night and a visitor to Nogales will pay to play. ClubHombre also has trip reports from other members' experiences there. ClubHombre currently features reports and photos of REAL working ladies from Nogales. So if you happen to find yourself in Nogales and looking for a paid companion, please consider joining - Adult Sex Travel, Brothel, Strip Club, and World Sex Guide information from not only Nogales, but around the world as well.

Another alternative to Nogales that is not very far away and that is picking up steam as of late is Agua Prieta. Agua Prieta translates into English as "Dark Water" and is located about 120 miles Southeast of Tucson. Agua Prieta is directly south of the city of Douglas, Arizona. Agua Prieta as a city is way less developed than Nogales, but a good time can still be had there. It is also quite a bit less expensive than Nogales as well. Some of the bars from Agua Prieta that has information about include 5th Patio Bar, El Paraiso, Flamingo, Scandalos and Taurus. The first three are just bars where women can be picked up for short or long time sessions. Scandalos and Taurus are strip clubs. Most of these bars or strip clubs are located on dirt roads. But at least four of clubs are all within walking distance from one another. ClubHombre also features information about hotels and restaurants in Agua Prieta. Similar to Nogales, if you happen to make a decision to visit Agua Prieta, has information that may assist you. This may include:

  • Going prices for services such as blowjobs and sex
  • How not get ripped off and common tricks and scams that are customary there
  • Where to park if you plan on staying past 10:00pm as the main parking lot there closes at 10:00pm
  • Where to change money. If you pay in US Dollars, you will end up paying more than you would if you paid in Pesos
  • The location and directions to certain clubs, bars, and strip clubs
  • How to stay safe during your time in Mexico
  • Reviews on certain ladies and the quality of service they provide
  • Much, much, more

Just like Nogales, features information and discussions from our members about what is available in Agua Prieta. Currently features trip reports from Agua Prieta, photos of real working ladies there and a dedicated message section of about 200 messages. also has posts, trip reports and discussion boards of many other areas in Mexico including, Ensenada, Hermosillo, Juarez, Mazatlan, Mexicali, Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo, Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), and Tijuana. There is also discussion about several other Mexican towns as well. Too many to list actually. So if you visit any of these areas, you may want to consider a - Adult Sex Travel account now. You can join for less than 16 cents per day. Please visit - How to Join for more information.

Here is a list of what is available on

  • Information on almost every country in the world where adult travel is legal or tolerated.
  • Trip reports from other members explaining do's and don'ts, and places to see.
  • Important information about safety.
  • Polls
  • A calendar to keep track of when your travel will take place.
  • The ability to meet and plan trips with other adventuresome travelers that share your common interests.
  • Links to other sex travel sites and resources, hotel information, and men's health.
  • Active discussion and message boards to find the information you seek about your desired location.

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